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F1 Experience

Formula 1 is the name given to racing vehicles that can reach more than 300 km / h in a straight line. These vehicles are distinguished by their very aerodynamic shape and their single-seater cockpit which reveals a pilot at work, armed with his helmet. But Formula 1 is above all a competition that brings together the best pilots of this world to compete in extreme conditions on closed circuit. A competition whose strict regulation is governed by the FIA ​​and the satellite companies controlled by Liberty Media. As one of the most publicized sports in the world, this motorsport discipline is highly appreciated by motor racing enthusiasts as well as by occasional fans. With a phenomenal success with the public for more than sixty years, the new owners of Liberty Media Corporation are offering fans for this season 2017 an offer that will give them an extraordinary experience through the F1 Experience . It is a VIP package from 700 euros which will allow you to access privileged services including the cost of hotels, transfers, places of exceptions and derivatives for the race weekend. This price may increase according to the other services requested. Then plan to pay around 9,400 euros for a yacht tour with a meal, a place at la Rascasse for the 2 days, a visit to the paddocks and 4 nights hotel.

Go back to the F1 paddock club

The F1 Experience invites you to enter the F1 paddock club to live the race weekend like never before. You will discover the Formula 1 in all its splendor by observing the teams of each team worked hard to prepare and offer the vehicles the final adjustments needed. The lovers of fine mechanicals will be here to the angels but they will not be the only ones to give the show. On the paddocks, the hostesses will also be at the rendezvous to brighten up the event. If the race takes place on the track, it is here that everything begins and things take shape. Experience your passion at the center of the action and indulge yourself with indelible memories. On the paddocks, you will be treated as a guest of honor while watching what is actually happening on and off the circuit. The F1 paddock is the best place to get into the heart of the event and feel the greatest sensations of the race giving off an indescribable energy. In this pack, you will also be entitled to high-end services for your meals and drinks. Your welcome will be guaranteed by professionals renowned for their attention to detail, world renowned for their high level of quality in receiving VIP customers. For more information about the purchase of the pack, please visit the official website of Formula 1.

Ticketing for the GP Online

Buying online now offers us the privilege of acquiring without moving from us all the products and services that we convoy. No service can escape the trend even buying tickets for the Formula 1 race. Ticketing for the online GP is a service set up by F1 officials allowing fans to easily book seats or To buy tickets for the event. No matter where the event you want to attend takes place, you can buy your tickets on one platform. On the site you will have access to various modules that will help you to choose your tickets according to the layout of the circuit through photos and descriptions of the stands, sort by price and even videos of the races. But the site will also let you book the hotel for your stay with a large selection of partner hotels for the event. Moreover, the reservation of your hotel does not imply the immediate payment of the night, your credit card will be used as guarantee. To enjoy a service that provides everything, you can opt for the F1 Experience for this season 2017 and observe the race from an exceptional location, access to privileged places and enjoy a VIP welcome. To get the most out of Formula 1, do not hesitate to browse the official website.

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