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GP History Monaco 2018

Motor racing never goes out of style. Even with the appearance of new supercars on the circuits, it is always a great pleasure for the fans to come and see the old runners on the tracks. More informations : great enthusiasts of automotive mechanics will meet once every two years in the Principality, on the same track as Formula 1, to attend the “Grand Prix Historique”. An event that began in 1997 featuring the most beautiful classic cars before and after the war, classified into several categories. For the greatest joy of the fans, you will then have a total of 7 classic car races in one event. The historic GP Monaco 2018 has a few small changes with the return of the Formula 1 cars after the war in the A series. Sport racing will also be offered with more mythical postwar cars, without forgetting the beautiful cars that Participated in the Monaco Grand Prix alone in 1952. But for this historic Monaco 2018 GP, the small cars, notably the Formula Junior and the F3, will not participate in the event. That said, you will see a selection of more than 180 pre-war cars that have participated in the Grand Prix, carefully chosen for their historical interest and authenticity to restore a true race of yesteryear. It is during two and a half days that the participants will bring to the viewers moments of pure pleasure, sharing with them a timeless passion.

Former F1 honors

For the Monaco 2018 GP, which will run more precisely May 11-13, 2018, fans of great classics will not be disappointed with the former F1 in the spotlight. Discover : .This 11th edition of the biennial competition will put Formula One racing in Monaco, from Formula 1 racing in the 1930s to racing at the end of the 1970s. The owner-collectors then outdistanced us To live this authentic moment like never before. You will discover the backstage of the race with open stands on the Quai Antoine 1er. You will see the mechanics at work to give the best of themselves even by preparing these cars out of time. A spectacle not to be missed. Friday May 11th will be the day of the tests, Saturday May 12th the day of the parade and the race will be held on Sunday May 13th with the handing over of the Cup of the 50 years of the race car. As for the year 2016 with the participation of Alain Prost at the wheel of his Renault RE40, you will see other motor racing stars returning to the track to show us their unforgettable know-how. To watch the race in the best conditions, you can reserve your place now from the official website of the event. On this platform, you will discover the best places to take and the high-end services that can possibly accompany them.

Find your accommodation for the Grand Prix de Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco lasts a whole weekend, which involves a small night at the hotel. You have to choose your hotel in order to not miss the event, which takes place once a year and once every two years for the Grand Prix Historique. Fortunately, many prestigious hotels collaborate closely with the organizers of the event to make your experience more enjoyable. Discover many event, packages and Hospitality Monaco. When you buy tickets on the official website of the Grand Prix, you will most likely find your accommodation for the Grand Prix of Monaco. These luxury establishments provide you with suites in which you can observe the running of the race. You can also access their terrace where you will have your meals, the aperitif and uncork the champagne. These places guarantee a breathtaking view of the circuit. If you are looking for other alternatives, you can turn to yacht rentals for those who are moored near the quays close to the circuit or the apartment rental located on the race area. The possibilities are therefore numerous to live this event as you wish. To discover the exclusivity of the offers, visit the sites dedicated to the event.

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