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The guide to dashcams

The dashcam or dashboard camera is mostly used for its convenience. It offers many benefits to the motorist because it records the journey of the vehicle. It can be installed indoors or outdoors. Police cars are sometimes equipped with this type of equipment to record the crime of flight or other critical situation. More and more individuals are also using this kind of equipment. It can also be used for monitoring your car. Indeed, some models can engage automatically. Learn more:

To be sure of the effectiveness of a dashcam, it is essential to choose it. Several models of dashcams are available on the market. The customer has more options to select the one that suits him. The quality of the images is important to get better visibility. Full HD dashcams are those that most respect this selection criteria. The accelerometer is also a very important criterion. It is a shock sensor that can detect any possible collisions suffered by your car. This feature automatically stores the video of that particular moment. Thus, it can not be erased by loop rewriting. You can also choose dual-purpose on-board cameras. This type of material allows you to have a video of the back of your car. This point is still optional. Another point that you should not overlook is the presence of GPS function. Most models integrate, but it’s at the level of functionality that it varies. Some dashcams, more powerful, integrate a GPS which has a database of the zones of danger.

Or buy a quality dashcam?

Before proceeding with the purchase of an on-board camera, one must first be concerned about quality. You do not have to go to the store to find the best dashcam. Find all products on the website: Sellers usually have an online store giving you the opportunity to discover more easily the materials they offer. The important features of each dashcam are mentioned. You just have to choose it according to the criteria that you consider important.

To avoid being scammed, take the time to consult a shopping guide. This will allow you to compare prices. Indeed, it happens that one model has a considerable price difference in two different shops. You can discover on the net comparisons of dashcams. A comparison also allows you to know the features that benefit a particular article. Your chances of finding quality material will increase further. You can make your purchase online and the store can have it delivered to you.

The characteristics of car dashcams

The functionality of car dashcams may vary depending on the type of model. Basically, the features of a dashcam are:

The recording speed which can reach 30 frames per second;

Image quality, of which the most appreciated are full HD quality of 1080p;

The camera for some models;

The built-in microphone that can record sounds;

GPS for geolocation;

Loop recording, whose role is to automatically erase the oldest videos;

The accelerometer that engages when an impact occurs. This saves images so that they can not be erased during loop recording;

The visibility of the screen;

Internal memory that can be expandable with an SD card;

The dashcam is fixed on the windshield of the car thanks to a suction cup. To make it work, you must connect it to the cigarette lighter. When you start your car, the dashcam starts automatically.

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